Yaasmien cosmetics is a high end beauty brand developed and produced in Italy. Our products consist of 100% natural ingredients which makes it paraben and sulfate free. Our skin is the biggest organ and is an important aspect in our lives to take care of. Therefore, we want to provide you with our unique formulas suitable for men and women. “Enhance your natural beauty” is central to our brand for a reason. We believe that every single human being is truly beautiful in their own way. With our unique formulas containing donkey milk you will enhance the beauty you already possess.

Our inspiration to using donkey milk

Our skin is the biggest organ but also the one that is exposed to many harsh circumstances, think of hot showers, extreme climate changes (cold winters and the hot summers) but also certain foods can have an impact on our skin such as allergies which can lead to a bad reaction to your skin.

Like many of us, i have struggled with acne as well during my puberty which left me with dark stubborn scars that were hard to get rid off. For many years the only thing i wished for was clear, bright and even toned skin without the use of makeup. Also my mother who suffered from eczema since she was a child, was looking for a solution to her skin condition. She came across the so called “white gold” also known as donkey milk. Lets sum up some of the benefits found in donkey milk.

Contains fatty acids that lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Causes a lifting effect

Fights acne, eczema and treats hyperpigmentation

Brightens and evens out skin tone

Healing, nutritional and rejuvenating properties for the skin

Rich in vitamin A, B1, B6, C, D, E, omega 3 and 6 and amino acids

Knowing the above information with the possibility that it could heal my mothers eczema was our motivation to start developing our own skincare with a high percentage of donkey milk. This is where Yaasmien Cosmetics was developed.

Our products are made with fresh donkey milk from donkeys living in Sardinia that are taken care of in an ethically responsible way. 30% of the donkey milk is used for our cosmetic purposes and 70% of the milk is used for the baby donkeys. All our products are dermatologically tested and are suitable for all skin types.

Body And Face Soap Containing Donkey Milk

Moisturizing Face Cream Containing 78% Donkey Milk

Facial Serum Containing 98% Donkey Milk

Yaasmien Beauty Set Containing Soap, Serum 98% And Moisturizer 78%:

Did you know, Donkey milk has also been used by Cleopatra to treat her skin and make her skin look bright and even.she had a table of 700 donkeys that produces enough milk for to bath in. Therefore we use fresh donkey milk in all our products. Our soap is packed with vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C and rice oil. Using the soap cleans your skin deeply but gentle without drying out the skin. Instead, it leaves your skin hydrated and moisturized. Our serum contains 98% of fresh donkey milk that is not exposed to any lyophilization or conservative process. It is a natural and precious beauty treatment with moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing properties. Our moisturizing cream contains 78% donkey milk which can be used for day and night and is enriched with olive oil, wheat germ oil, sweet briar oil, lentisk oil and hypericum macerated oil. This cream is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving the skin greasy. Using the products consistently brightens your skin, removes hyperpigmentation, hydrates, fights aging and minimizes the pores.

How to use our products to achieve best results:

Our skincare products are the ultimate treatment to achieve flawless skin. To achieve the best possible results we start with cleaning our skin with the YAASMIEN soap bar. This can be done by wetting your face, thereafter rub the soap in between wet palms to create a lather. Massage this into the skin for at least 30 seconds. If you have any cleansing tools this can be used as well to deepen cleanse the skin. Rinse your skin with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean soft towel. If you have dry to combination skin we recommend using a few drops of argan oil or sweet almond oil. Continue with the YAASMIEN Serum 98% and finish with the YAASMIEN Moisturizer 78%. These are the steps to glowing, healthy, soft and supple skin.

Our products can be used day and night

Enough reasons to start adding donkey milk to your beauty regime!